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Birthdate:Nov 10

Me, Myself, and I

Ellie. 23. France. Single. Quirky. Crazy. Write. Creates. Obsesses. Loves. Enjoys. Spoiler-phobic. Television whore. Music bitch. Movie addict. Coke drinker. Beer drinker. Fun.

My Shows

Friday Night Lights. Supernatural. Heroes. How I Met Your Mother. Reaper. Gossip Girl. Gilmore Girls. Battlestar Galactica. Everwood. CSI. Veronica Mars. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. Weeds. Chuck. Dexter. Sex And The City. The OC. Oz. That 70's Show.

My People

Taylor Kitsch. Jared Padalecki. Jensen Ackles. Kyle Chandler. Connie Britton. Zach Gilford. Milo Ventimiglia. Neil Patrick Harris. Kate Walsh. Bret Harrison. Rick Gonzalez. Tyler Labine. Jamie Bamber. Michael Trucco. Mary-Louise Parker. Sarah-Jessica Parker. Kristen Bell. Carmine Giovinazzo. Jonathan Togo. Hayden Panettiere. Chandra Wilson. Eric Dane. Justin Chambers. Matt Grunberg. Zachary Quinto. Gregory Smith. Debrah Mooney. Ben McKenzie. Sarah Ramirez. Hunter Parrish. Romany Malco. Jake Gyllenhaal. Jared Leto. Jennifer Connelly. Edward Norton. John Robinson. Edward Furlong. Diego Luna. Gael Garcia Bernal. Bryce Dallas Howard. Joaquin Phoenix. River Phoenix. James Dean. Josh Hartnett. Emile Hirsch. Elijah Wood. Tom Kaulitz.

My Music

McFly. Hanson. Bloc Party. Queen Of The Stone Age. Ac/Dc. Queen. Rod Stewart. Led Zeppelin. Jason Mraz. 30 Seconds To Mars. Lifehouse. The Calling. Snow Patrol. Plain White T's. John Butler Trio. 3 Doors Down. Panic! At The Disco. Skunk Anansie. Nirvana. Pink Floyd. Nine Inch Nails. Damien Rice. Elliott Smith. K's Choice. The Klaxons. The Who. Stereophonics. Three Days Grace. Anna Nalick. Genesis. Jimi Hendrix. Creed. The Doors. Timbaland. Foo Fighters. Fall Out Boy. My Chemical Romance. Incubus. Justin Timberlake. Brigade. Cobra Starship. The Pussycat Dolls. Death Cab For Cutie. Jeff Buckley. John Legend. Joshua Radin. Prince. Young Love. The Cab. Beck. A Perfect Circle. The Beatles. Fightstar. Kids In Glass Houses. You Me At Six.

My Movies

Elephant. American History X. The 25th Hour. Y Tu Mama Tambien. The Motorcycle Diaries. Empire Records. The Basketball Diaries. The Departed. The Notebook. The United States Of Leland. Star Wars. Dirty Dancing. Grease. Flashdance. High School Musical. The Lord Of The Rings. Jarhead. Donnie Darko. Fight Club. Behind The Enemy Lines. Save Private Ryan. Lords Of Dogtown. Dune. Gladiator. Trainspotting. Requiem For A Dream. Black Hawk Down. Dogma. The Thin Red Line. Lord Of War. Brokeback Mountain. Sin City. Casino Royale. Ice Age. From Dusk Till Dawn.

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Interests (59):

angst is life, ann boleyn's tin, art making, bandom is for winners, bands are in love, bass guitar is sexy, both gg shows rock, boys have hearts, brandon boyd is graceful, brendon urie is tiny, coding for hours, coffee is a lifesaver, crazytrips over the world, cuties, dancing like a loon, danny jones' smile, dougie is too gorgeous, epic classic cult, fanfiction is an art, fight against aids, fight club is awesome, flones is epic love, getting high on beer, glasses are sexy, guitar and drum solos, hanson is for fans, happy bubble of glee, harry judd' snark, het is hot sometimes, jose/brandon otp, junes owns my soul, jwalk owns you, life sucks, mcfly are puppies, mornings suck, movies that doesn't suck, moving to the uk, music festivals, omnisexuality if you want, one-night-stand music, patd for the win, pwp makes me happy, sam and dean bff, sam makes my day, sex tiems, slash is for winners, sleeping, smelly armpits, soulmates, stereophonics have soul, subtlety is an art, tim riggins ftw, tomfletcher has thighs, tv shows ftw, vodka is bad, watching dvds back2back, woah incubus, writing is my soul, you can't get it
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